Four Common Uses of an Internal Grinder

The internal grinder has become an increasingly popular device in recent years. Its uses range from small pocket size grinders to larger versions that can be used in coffee brewing mills. In this article we will look at the four main uses of the internal grinder.

Internal Grinder

A mill device is more often the case for home usage. The mill is a type of grinder with a large flat surface that is used to make grinds on. To take a standard example, the coffee mill, referred to in the trade as the coffee grinder, can be used to grind coffee beans, grind cereal or even grind and grate nuts. This makes it easy to use both hands, as opposed to using a manual grinder where the beans have to be lifted off the grinding plate and held with one hand while using the opposite hand to hold the grinder.

A mini mill can usually be found at home or in the workplace. It is a smaller version of the coffee mill. This is also usually set up to be used with a coffee grinder. So, unlike a coffee grinder, which requires the same level of maintenance, the mini-mill is easy to clean and is often forgotten about when it is not in use. It does not have a grind plate however.

The next type of internal grinder, the pocket-size coffee grinder, can be found in various formats. Most models are lightweight and portable. They are more suited to a personal situation than to the workplace. Some models are even hand held.

The next use is the electric grinder. An electric grinder is a bit different from a manual type. Electric grinder is mainly used in coffee houses to grind coffee beans. Generally, these devices are handheld and also come with a food processor to help grind ingredients. Next up is the electric grinder, or espresso grinder. This type of grinder can produce a range of drinks such as cappuccino, lattes, and espresso. It is also useful for grinding espresso beans and even other similar products. However, like the electric coffee grinder, it needs to be refilled. It can also get quite noisy and can be a little temperamental.

Finally, there is the automatic espresso machine. It is similar to the above-mentioned types of grinder. The only difference is that, instead of grinding beans, it will grind espresso powder.

So, that concludes our look at four main uses of the typical coffee grinder. These four uses also cover two of the less common types of grinder, so it should not come as a surprise that a coffee grinder is used in more than one way. The coffee grinder is a versatile device.