The Vertical Grinder – Grinding Wood

Vertical Grinder

The Vertical Grinder – Grinding Wood

The vertical grinder is the classic grinder used in woodworking, however it has evolved so much from the original model that today you can find a variety of designs, brands and prices that will fit your budget. It comes with the classic four-wheeler design and two-piece construction that allows the cutter to rotate in all directions.

The basic motor is the type of motor that is used on most models; however, the new models have a larger, stronger motor that provide more power and the ability to turn at different speeds. (The lockout safety mechanism is also available.) The Model 56VL Vertical grinder has a three-pound cutting speed, the Model 56VZ Vertical grinder has a three-pound cutting speed, the Model 56VPX Vertical grinder has a four-pound cutting speed, the Model 56VVV Vertical grinder has a five-pound cutting speed, the Model 56VR Vertical grinder has a six-pound cutting speed and the Model 56VRZ Vertical grinder has a seven-pound cutting speed. Model 56VK Vertical grinder with a nine-pound cutting speed is available.

The grinder has high efficiency and is quiet while grinding and will not damage your home. The motors are easily maintained by lubricating the gears and shaft and also replacing the lubricated bearings. The grinder also has a built-in safety lock. The model grinder comes with both a front and rear grinder which enable the user to grind in different directions. This grinder does not have the large rotating wheel that other models use but instead uses a three-wheel system for grinding.

The Vertical grinder has a safety lock which prevents the operator from accidentally turning the unit while operating. Most models have an easy to use control dial that controls the speed of the machine, a stop button and a power indicator. The controls are easily located to enable you to adjust the blades for your needs. Many of the new models have replaceable wheels, although some of the older models will need to be purchased if your wheels are worn or damaged. Some of the new models also come with variable speed controllers which allow you to adjust the speed according to the size of the pieces.

Most of these graters are cordless and can be used with either a portable battery or a rechargeable battery. They are available with a variety of attachments including diamond blade inserts, blades, a grinder cover and even a drill and chisel attachment. A fan guard is included on some models.

The Vertical grinder is a versatile product that will not only make a great addition to your workshop, but is also a useful tool for the home. The wide range of attachments allows the user to customize the grinder for different woodworking projects.