Double-Sided Grinder Machine Features

A double-sided grinder is usually a rotating machine consisting of both a rotating disc, usually designated as the “turning disc”, and a fixed rotating face that rotate clockwise. The first spinning disc is normally referred to a stationary disc. The other disc is referred to a variable disc, and the term “Variable disc” applies to those machines with two separate discs that are each rotated 180 degrees. This type of machine can be used for grinding, cutting, polishing, etc. Usually, the two disc designs are designed so that they can be mounted together in a common frame that is supported by two vertically alignment legs. These types of machines can also be called as a sandwich machine or a stack-head grinder.

Doublesided Grinder

The two-sided grinding or rotating face of the double-sided grinder generally cuts at an angle of about forty-five degrees to the horizontal axis. When the face cuts a material at this angle, the grinding movement is termed as “self-dump.” When the grinding movement comes to an end, the product is usually left with a high-gloss luster. The opposite happens when the grinding motion ends and the product are ground flat.

The operation of the two-sided grinders is identical to that of the one-sided grinders, but it just happens to rotate in an opposite direction. There is no need for a person to stand near the machine to operate it. However, there is need for a person to have a certain degree of physical coordination to prevent unwanted slipping on the belt. This is because a person stepping on the belt when using a double-sided grinder can cause serious injuries.

One important feature of the double-sided grinder machine features is its graphical control. This is available from the machine’s control key when it is switched on. This is also available when it is off and when the machine is switched on manually. The graphical control offers various functions such as variable speed control, programmable options, adjustable distance, etc.

The two-sided grinding machine is ideal for someone who is interested in precision surface finish products. It is considered to be faster than the one-sided type. However, it is not advisable for a person who is working in a production setting where accuracy is vital. This is because in order to get the best results, the equipment must be used precisely.

The grinding wheel of the double-sided grinder machine features a full range of operation. It has the capacity to work with a variety of materials including aluminum oxide, stainless steel, titanium, copper, brass, magnesium, iron, and carbon among others. The machine can also be used to grind stone, plastic, ceramic, and numerous other substances. These types of specifications are necessary for the proper function of the grinder. They are essential for ensuring that the grinder will provide the best possible grinding performance.