DeWalt Power Saw and Dual-Sided Grinder Features

A double-sided grinder is an industrial grinding machine made up of two rotating discs faces that rotate in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions respectively. The first spinning disc is commonly called a stationary disc. It has a very smooth surface and is usually covered with a plastic protective cover. The second spinning disc, which is known as the grinding disc, is attached to the stationary disc using a chuck or by a specially designed slot. This second disc can be placed at a higher pressure than the stationary disc and can be used to remove the material from the base metal at a sharper angle.

Doublesided Grinder

A two-sided grinder operates in much the same way, with the exception of the positioning of the grinding components. When a two-sided grinder is used to grind small materials, the working area is similar to that of a lathe. However, the grinding head of the machine is set in a different location to enable it to obtain an optimal level of depth for the grinding operation. In this type of machine, both the turning and the stationary discs can be rotated.

An industrial two-sided grinder can be either horizontal or vertical. This design preference is dictated by the type of materials being ground, the operating speed of the machine, and the amount of time that the user wants to spend working in the machine. Common types of materials ground with a vertical grinder include copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc. The most popular vertical two-sided grinding machine is the one that is situated above the operator desk. It allows the operator to keep a watchful eye on the progress of the grinding operation. However, in some cases where there is little room available overhead, the horizontal grinder can also be used.

With either design of the two-sided grinder, it offers the user greater control over the level of precision of the workpieces. In addition to the accuracy attained with the two-sided design, the user can also choose to use the high-precision control for material motion control. Some users who choose to use the high-precision control sometimes prefer to use the two-sided style so that they can control the motion of their workplaces even when these are located in close proximity to the operator. In doing so, the user is able to produce precision work pieces with very fine dimensions. If you need to produce workpieces with large components and intricate details, the horizontal design will give you the ability to do so without having to sacrifice accuracy.

The flat top design of the two-sided grinder also allows for greater graphic control. The high-precision control and the wide range of sizes available from the manufacturer allow you to control your workpieces in a variety of sizes, shapes, and contours. This allows you to match the graphic element of your piece to the workpiece. If you would like to produce small intricate parts that are not as detailed as what would be produced with the horizontal model, you can rely on the fdg-700.

The two-sided model of the cutter can also produce workpieces that are wider and longer. These types of cutters are especially helpful when you have a large variety of materials and a great deal of detail that need to be included. This new machine from DeWalt is designed to be very useful for both the home operator and for the professional cutter. It can make the job of cutting large components easy and enjoyable for you and it can enable you to produce workpieces that are larger in dimension than what would ever be possible with the traditional grinder. DeWalt is a quality brand and this new machine is just another example of the company’s commitment to producing quality tools.