Types of Automatic Spot Welding Machines

Automatic Spot Welding equipment

Types of Automatic Spot Welding Machines

Automatic Spot Welding equipment is used for bending and welding the metal without the aid of a welder. There are two types of Automatic Spot Welding equipment, the straight line welding machine and the rotary screw and hook welding machine. The rotary screw and hook machine are more suitable for fabricating more complicated shapes than the straight line machine. Automatic spot welding electrodes are generally held in a hand-held unit that has a fitting which can accept the standard MIG welding electrodes or TIG welding electrodes. The welding machine uses a trigger to start the welding process.

Automatic spot welding equipment generally provides higher accuracy and less operator input than other types of welding equipment. This is particularly true for the straight line welding equipment, where there is little room for operator error due to the small space where the electrodes are held. The high level of automation and quality control provided by automatic welding and spot welding electrodes allows for the manufacture of more intricate shapes and the incorporation of more intricate designs.

Another aspect of automatic welding and spot welding equipment is the use of a feeding mechanism. The most common type of welding is the feed forward or rotary feed mechanism. Feeding mechanism generally consists of a wire feed and the attachment of a chuck or die head. The rotary wire feed enables the welder to feed a welding wire directly into the material and allow it to penetrate the material without the interference from feedback or erosion from the metal surface. Rotary wire feeds are often powered by a variable resistance electric motor.

Automatic welding and spot welding electrodes are fed into a die head or a rotating drum, which is then attached to the welding material with a clamp or clamping wire. One advantage of the Die head is that there is no need for manual feeding of the electrodes into the sheet or electrode. The clamping wire also allows for the easier removal of clamps without having to remove the entire drum. This allows for a higher efficiency in production.

A final type of automatic spot welding machine is the lithium battery powered cell hand held power welding machine. This type of machine allows for the welding of thinner metals such as aluminum or stainless steel. The hand held power welding machine can be used with a wide range of rechargeable and permanent power Lithium batteries, which are used to supply the necessary energy to weld at higher amperage levels.

The final type of automatic welding and spot welding machine is the portable direct current (DC) machine. The AC motor is powered by two separate 110-volt AC batteries that are charged while the machine is in operation on the work area. The two different styles of AC motors include the bipolar and the synchronous drive. The AC motor is commonly powered by an AC motor controller. In most cases the AC motor controller is mounted on the bottom half of the unit and connected through a series of leads to the appropriate output terminals on both sides of the main work area.