Welding Machine Basics – Portable Spot Welding Machines

Portable Welding is the latest technique for fabricating welded objects, such as flashings, tanks, pipe fittings, pipes and metal joints. The general concept behind this is to take a heavy piece of metal (usually stainless steel) and heat it up so that the material becomes malleable enough to form into the precise size and shape needed. Once this is done, the pieces can be passed through a die making the weld strong and sturdy. This process is similar to that used in full-scale welding but instead of using heat to bring materials together they use electricity and other energy sources.

Portable Welding is popular because it requires minimal space to conduct welding operations and it is ideal for many applications where there is little room or machinery to set up. These machines can be used in a wide range of applications including the automotive, marine, construction and electrical industries. They are flexible and easy to use and their mobility allows them to be used to manufacture anything from intricate shapes to simple joints. The following sections give some information on the different kinds of welding machines currently available. There is also a brief discussion about portable welders and their various uses.

MIG welding is a type of portable welding machine that is similar to a regular MIG torch in that it generates heat via gas flame and the arc is produced by applying pressure to a grounded wire. Instead of using an external source of power to operate, MIG welding utilizes the electrical current from a battery. They are extremely durable and reliable and are sometimes used to create precision parts. MIG welding is especially popular for things such as automobiles and boats, however there are other possibilities. Some specialty metals such as stainless steel can benefit from using a MIG welder too.

AC and DC Welding is another option for your portable welding machines and it has become popular for things like boat and automobile repair. When using DC welding the metal is actually placed in an induction heating chamber where it is heated by the welding machine itself. The metal will then be moved into the weld puddle by the electric arc and when complete the arc will be directed off to the opposite side of the panel so it can be welded. The advantage of using this type of welding machine is that you don’t have to worry about feeding a large amount of current through the wire and it can typically create a more even weld. They are often used for spot welding on lightweight materials such as thin sheets of aluminum or mild steel.

Portable flux cored welding is another option and it uses a tungsten electrode which is coated with a flux. The tungsten acts as the electrode of the weld and when it is heated it fuses with the flux at the same time. As the weld is completed the tungsten becomes hot and a welder is able to use the excess heat to weld additional joints. This type of welding machine has a few different options including TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and MIG (Metal Inert Gas) construction.

These basic welding machines can be purchased at your local hardware store or through online retailers. The best way to shop for these products is online where you can quickly compare prices and make your purchase within minutes. Whether you need to weld on a surface that has a few loose pieces or need to replace some missing portions of an existing weld, you will find the right welding machines for your needs online.