The Two Types Of Automatic Spot Welding Equipment

When it comes to elements automatic is the way to go. There are many different types of welders available in the market today; automatic welding has taken over the industry and is more commonly used by contractors. Some of these welders also come with a handy remote control. These machines are ideal for all industrial applications and if you require them, they will certainly make welding an easy task. Automatic spot welders for sale are easily available for purchase and most of the prices differ according to the make.

Automatic Spot Welding equipment

Most of the battery automatic spot welding equipment has been manufactured with long life in mind. They are designed to withstand continuous, heavy duty usage for many years, without compromising on the quality of work being done. The weld is made by feeding the wire into the tumbler via the tip of the machine and it is held there by the tension spring. The tumbler is fitted with channels that carry the molten metal – the wire and – which allow it to pass through the welded area without getting affected by the friction and heat.

A number of suppliers sell these types of welding equipments. There are many types to choose from and the features of each one offers may vary depending on the intended use. The first type of equipment is the straight line welding machine. This machine incorporates two types of welds. One is the wet weld where the wire is fed into the tumbler where it is melted and then tapped, while the other is the dry weld where the metal is fed into the tumbler without heating.

Another type of automatic spot welding equipment incorporates two types of electrodes. These electrodes are of variable length, generally ten, twenty, or fifty meters, and they can be heated individually or simultaneously. The electrodes are heated using electric current and as the current increases, the electrode warms up. Once it is sufficiently warmed up, it is pushed into the weld puddle where it melts and fuses with the weld. These types of welds are very effective for thinner metals like aluminum where the welding arc is conducted most effectively.

The second type of equipment is a battery powered electric motor. One of the primary uses of these machines is to power portable welders such as hand saws and grinders. While they do not produce a good amount of welds in a single session, their portability and flexibility make them suitable for working in a variety of conditions. As the names of the units indicate, battery powered welders are generally used to weld steel or stainless steel. They can operate at a higher voltage and give out a stronger weld than the units that are run using propane gas.

Electric feeding electrodes have been in existence for decades, but they are only just becoming popular among welders. Feeding electrodes are fed through a welding machine that automatically feeds the welding coil into the weld puddle. Because of this, the welding process is much quicker. This is especially true when you are using one of the automatic spot welding equipment available today. Automatic welders give you the ability to perform welding operations with your electric motor and do it all from the comfort of your work bench.