Advantages of a Portable Spot Welding Battery Spot Welder

Through heating and pressing the weld spot, portable spot welding machinery is able to fuse several metal sheets permanently into a single piece. The word spot in this welding technique refers to the initial welding point in which the heat and pressure applied to create a fusion that joins the sheets together. This type of welding is a variant of electrical resistance welding, also known as direct thermal or DC electrical arc welding. It is considered to be safer than other forms of welding because it does not require flux. This makes it ideal for use in areas with combustible gas or flammable objects. The spot can also be used in less populated areas such as residential neighborhoods due to the low cost involved.

Portable Spot Welding

Portable welding is different from MIG welding in many ways. One such way is that there is no flux required; therefore there is little to no secondary manufacturing costs. The weld is stable, clean and gives off an acceptable smell.

The construction of the weld is different between portable and permanent types. Portable units are built-in in the machine, whereas permanent units are built-in or attached to a work area via a portable electrode assembly. In the case of the built-in constructions, the weld area is cased in a chamber. The size of the chamber is dependent upon the type of electrode required. Most portable units have a battery pack built-in that stores energy from the welding system.

The welding process involves dipping the welding wire into a welding fluid. This fluid contains both the flux and the oxygen. The wire is placed in the welding pen, and the tip of the welding pen is held against the steel that is to be welded. A piece of metal is then pushed into the weld pore. The piece of metal will be tacked on to the inside of the weld pore to make a complete weld, and then the entire thing is turned over to allow it to cool.

One of the main advantages of using a portable battery spot welder is that it is compact and lightweight. This makes it easier to carry the welder and gives it a better portability than say a MIG welder. The welder can be used in different situations such as welding metal. You may be doing repairs on cars or other things that require you to be mobile. However, you can use the welder in a pinch to do spot welds on lighter metals where a MIG welder would be impractical.