How To Choose The Best Suspended Spot Welding Controller

Suspended Spot Welding

How To Choose The Best Suspended Spot Welding Controller

A whole host of new welding processes are on offer in today’s marketplace, but one of the most interesting is the Suspended Spot Welding. With a suspended welding technique, the welder need not always provide constant electric power to the welder arc; the welding is done almost constantly within the confines of a small air-filled chamber. The welding process itself is similar to that used in MIG welding: the welder begins by shielding the metal from impure air; the arc is created and maintained by a tungsten electrode attached to a shielding gas. The gas is removed with the help of a drain cloth and the arc is maintained until it is safely released, at which time the welder automatically turns off the arc. The spot size is pre-set and can be adjusted according to the required current. Welders who are performing this procedure do not need to worry about constant maintenance of the equipment as there is nothing to lose.

While this may sound like the ideal solution to a myriad of problems, the potential for cost overshoot is one factor that prevents many businesses from adopting this technology. While most businesses would prefer to have their welder continue in continuous operation without having to make any repairs, a fully implemented suspend welding machine may prove beyond their reach. The cost of buying and maintaining a gas powered welding machine becomes an important consideration. If a business is not able to afford a gas powered welder, then they may well have to try to find alternatives – but how do they choose?

The best option available to them is a digital electronic spot welding controller. These machines are capable of taking a measurement of the current in the arc – and then comparing that with the parameters of the voltage source. The difference between these two measurements is what determines the appropriate correction to be made to the equipment. Most welders will have a built in parameter that allows them to automatically adjust the voltage to a suitable level. This is a safety measure designed to limit the risk of weld damage – however it should be noted that if there is no automatic calibration feature built into your welding system, you can still provide an external calibration method using an external calibration device.

In the next phase of safety, consider a few more points. The most important point is to ensure that all personnel involved in the repair or installation process understand the appropriate procedures. There are a number of different ways that a badly burnt wire can arc away from the point of attachment. Ensuring that the torch is being held correctly at all times will reduce the chances of this happening.

Another point to consider is that many of today’s modern welding machines are equipped with automatic collimating devices. These devices are able to compensate for differences in the height of the torch as well as varying arc speeds. If an operator inadvertently applies too much steam on the arc and the flame is not brought under control quickly enough, it could lead to overheating and an arc leak. For this reason it is extremely important to make sure that all workers understand how to use the various features of their particular machines. Once you have experienced the benefits of Suspended Spot Welding machines and know the correct procedures, you will find that it is one of the safest processes available to employ.

When selecting a particular suspend operating position such as the front of a welding gun, make sure that there is sufficient space around the point of attachment. If there is insufficient space, then you will find that you struggle to keep the torch pointed in the appropriate direction. This can result in poor weld quality and reduced productivity. Selecting a suitable suspended spot welding controller can make all the difference when it comes to safely welding with torches and arc guns. Make sure that you select a reliable and well-manufactured unit that is fully safe and secure.