Types of Automatic Spot Welding Equipment

Automatic Spot Welding equipment

Types of Automatic Spot Welding Equipment

Automatic spot welders are becoming more popular as welders have gotten a bit more sophisticated. Because of this, many companies that once mass-produced welds are now starting to offer automatic welders as an option instead of the traditional one person welders that were once the standard. Even the welders themselves are getting more advanced, making them even more suitable for a variety of projects. Whether you are doing a one person job or a multi-person job, automatic welders can provide you with many benefits that can help you make the best welds possible.

The first thing that an automatic spot welding equipment does is that it cleans up. This is something that can be a problem if you are working with different types of metals. You might be using steel, aluminum, or pewter, and all of these different types of metals can have very different compositions of lead. The tumbler that you use will be able to clean the tiniest of impurities, leaving you with a clean weld without lead contamination. Most modern automatic welders are also built with long life in mind, meaning that you will likely get more years of great use from it than with any other kind of welds.

Another benefit of these welders is that they are generally better at this job than any other kind of welders out there. Some older welders may not be as capable as you would like, but there are also some newer models that are specifically better at doing the tumbling process as well as the cleaning process. You can often buy a single machine that will do both tasks, giving you the ability to weld on both sides of a work piece and still have the tumbling piece do its job. This allows you to have a clean weld on one side and then finish up the weld on the opposite side, leaving you with a clean weld. It also gives you the option to change over to a tumbling process if you are looking for a more constant weld that won’t wear away because of weathering.

When you are looking for an automatic spot welding equipment option, there are a couple of things that you need to look for. The first thing to look for is the tumbler itself. There are essentially two types of tumblers that you can buy, a hand tumbler and a wheeled tumbler. Hand tumblers generally perform better than the wheeled variety, and will tend to give you more consistent welds as well. They also cost less, though the difference in price is not always enough to offset the difference in quality. If you do choose a wheeled tumbler, however, make sure that it is made from high quality materials so that it will last you a long time without needing to be replaced.

The other type of automatic spot welding equipment that you are going to find is the weld gun. This is primarily used by welding companies, and you can generally buy these with or without a tumbler. Some welders use them exclusively, while others prefer to use a hand tumbler so that they can control the angle at which the weld is struck. Either way, the welders typically come with a protective face mask and helmet so that the welder is protected while making their welds.

The last type of automatic spot welding equipment is the plasma cutter. This is the most popular choice for anyone doing any welding job, since it is capable of welding both thin and thick gauges of metal at extremely high heats. One of the great things about this type of welding machine is the fact that you can cut both the metal and the filler wire separately. This gives the wielder the ability to work with either single or twin gauge alloys without having to worry about melting or trimming the wrong material. These are just some of the things you can find when looking for an automatic welding machine, so choose one based on your personal welding needs.